Lessons are scheduled for a half-hour or an hour and are currently available on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday afternoon/evening, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Other lesson times may be available if the above does not work out for the individual student.

Voice lessons will be for the purpose of improving singing technique, vocal performance techniques, sight reading ability and over-all vocal health. Each student will be evaluated in an initial lesson and vocal (singing) problems diagnosed and discussed with the student and parent before the student is accepted for lessons. Singing goals of the student will be considered and lessons will be designed around these goals and the vocal technique problems that may exist.  Lessons to improve technique and vocal quality should be taken for a period of several months.  Accomplished students may wish to schedule lessons for a shorter period of time to prepare for auditions or performances.

Acting lessons will consist of vocal training for the stage, character development, basic theatre instruction, and audition training.  Lesson sessions may be scheduled for auditions on a short-term basis.

Piano lessons for beginning students, adults or children, will teach them basic music theory, keyboard skills, and music reading.  Piano lessons should be taken consistently for a number of months in order to gain proper technique and competence.  


Cost of the lessons are $25 per half-hour lesson and $45 per hour lesson, payable by check or cash at the conclusion of the lesson.